RADWAG USA - professional scales

Wherever the highest accuracy of each measurement is required, RADWAG USA is one of the best choices you can make. Laboratory scales from the company’s offer have gained appreciation over the years thanks to their reliability and implementation of the most advanced technological solutions. Pick from microbalances, analytical and precision balances as well as moisture analyzers.
Laboratory scales

The process of purchasing a company is long, complicated and involves lots of effort, resources and time to make the right decision. One of the basic requirements, making sure that the right decision is made, is to collect all of the necessary data about the entity or entities to be acquired. RSM Poland KZWS is a group of experienced, qualified experts who will prepare for you comprehensive or narrow due diligence analysis, which will provide you with information about financial standing, problems and potential of the company you plan to buy.
Due diligence in Poland

Progress Eco - choose quality rotary drum screen

Reinforced, self-cleaning drum screens used for separating solid particles and liquids in a wide range of industries. Each Progress Eco’s sieve bend has been designed in order to work uninterruptedly in even the most difficult conditions. Thus they construction is based on special wire structure. Standard length is 500 to 3500 mm, while their diameter is 258-1230 mm. However, their dimensions can be changed according to their purpose and required output. The technical details are available on the company website.
Sieve bend

Floor expansion profiles and more

Visit Forbuild’s website to check their wide offer of accessories, systems and solutions for the most demanding construction experts. Amongst other products, they offer expansion joint systems, including Deflex floor, wall, ceiling, roof profiles, including industrial and water-resistant solutions. They are manufactured on the basis of the most advanced ideas and solutions for the construction sector. Check the website for more details, including sample uses, types of materials used, recommendations of installation and more.
Expansion joint

Top-Medics Poland

Through implementation of modern, innovative technological solutions and procedures with proven effectiveness and safety, Top-Medics private clinics in abroad are able to offer one of the best aesthetic medicine and more solutions. One of the increasingly popular one, is gastric surgery using modern gastric band.
Gastric surgery abroad

Sideboards from MEX online store

Contemporary style is increasingly popular not only in offices, but also in private homes. Furniture offered by MEX online shop is manufactured from solid materials and according to modern stylistic trends. On the website you can find for instance high gloss sideboards available in different sizes, versions and colours.
High gloss sideboard

Bicycle rotor from and for the best

A wide range of bicycle accessories and parts has been selected by true experts and enthusiasts of two wheels. Visit the online store to get Ashima rotors, brake pads and other items. They were designed to be used with city bikes, but also with road models, trekking ones and others - including bicycles for professionals.
Ashima rotors

Original, unique lampshades from Poland - Art-Abazur

Get discounts and invest in the best quality product from Poland to decorate your space with light. In the offer of Art-Abazur you can find a wide variety of custom lamp shades designed by creative artists and made from quality materials. Submit your own project to get it manufactured in no time - see the details.
Custom lamp shades

Liturgical vestments in Roman, Gothic and Monastic styles

Richly ornamented, sewn from quality materials in all colors used throughout the liturgical year, the clergy clothing include chasubles for every occasion. Gothic, Monastic and Roman styles are appropriate for diverse holidays and events. There is also a possibility to order special ornaments for Catholic priests.
Clergy clothing

CAMSAT reliable transmitters

Experienced, qualified experts of CAMSAT company are always aiming at creating the most reliable, highest quality devices, which will ensure, that each CCTV system will be as effective as possible. Choose one of the wireless transmitters, receivers, antennas and other accessories prepared by the company.
Wireless transmitter

Effective extermination of insects

Designed to help fight roaches, flies, mosquitoes and other bugs, each electric insect killer is an effective and convenient solution. They can be used in smaller shops, restaurants as well as large production halls and malls. Choose versions with UV-A lamps in diverse sizes to get rid of pestering bugs.

Folding bar for professionals

A wide selection of stable, reliable and very practical mobile bars for sale. Our construction is designed by professionals for professional bartenders around the world. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, lightweight (ease transportation) and offer all you need to do your job the best. Back, flair - choose your portable solution.
Mobile bars for sale

Branch saddles and other fittings

Ready to be manually or automatically welded into an existing installation our PE fittings are used by modern companies around the world. We have prepared i.e. electrofusion saddle, tapping tee, coupler, reducer, repairing clamp and a number of other accessories - all manufactured from quality polyurethane.
Electrofusion saddle

Law specialists from Magnusson

With offices in the countries of the Baltic Sea region, the legal company provides services for businesses and individuals around Europe. Magnusson is law firm located also in Belarus. Minsk office has been created in order to provide legal assistance, advice and take active part in a wide variety of cases.
Law firm

Medium voltage switchgear manufacturers - ZPUE

Metal or aluminium-clad containers and solutions developed to provide reliable, safe and efficient energy distribution in, e.g. urban areas, industrial facilities and other conditions. ZPUE has prepared a high performance, air or gas insulated MV switchgear, available in a wide variety of configuration options. As a result, you can get the exact equipment you need to ensure safe electricity distribution. The technical details are all presented on the manufacturers website. Visit it now and contact the experts to order your electrical equipment.
MV switchgear

Versatile STOL aircraft

Highly efficient and powerful twin turboprop aircraft designed to offer unmatched versatility in its class. The STOL (short takeoff and landing) airplane is available in several versions, including cargo, VIP, combi and several others. It can land in difficult conditions on limited runways, is FIKI-ready and offers amazing power throughout.
Short takeoff and landing

Efektowne kierownice

Obszywanie kierownicy skórą poprawia wygodę i komfort jej trzymania, a co najważniejsze sprawia, że kierowca ma lepsze "czucie" samochodu. Poprawia to nie tylko aspekty wizualne, ale również bezpieczeństwo. To wszystko z uwagi na to, że kontrola samochodu przy użyciu skórzanej kierownicy jest dużo lepsza. Zapewniamy, że obszywanie kierownicy skórą, które wykonujemy w zakładzie Carlex to usługa niezwykle profesjonalna, skuteczna i efektowna. Gwarantujemy niezwykłe rezultaty. Serdecznie zapraszamy.
Obszywanie kierownicy skórą

Designer dress for you

Exciting designs created for unique women, who search for the most amazing exclusive dresses online. Our collections are quite often inspired by the beauty of nature, with all of its originality and timeless lines. The style is simply exceptional - the kind which attracts the attention and lets you stand out everywhere you go.
Exclusive dresses online

EMDR specialist

On the website you can find information about ADHD psychiatrist who also specialises in Autistic Spectrum Disorders. The doctor has experience in treating child’s as well as adolescent’s mental health and has been trained in e.g. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). The office is currently located in Fitzrovia, London.
ADHD psychiatrist London