Floor expansion profiles and more

Visit Forbuild’s website to check their wide offer of accessories, systems and solutions for the most demanding construction experts. Amongst other products, they offer expansion joint systems, including Deflex floor, wall, ceiling, roof profiles, including industrial and water-resistant solutions. They are manufactured on the basis of the most advanced ideas and solutions for the construction sector. Check the website for more details, including sample uses, types of materials used, recommendations of installation and more.
Expansion joint

Top-Medics Poland

Through implementation of modern, innovative technological solutions and procedures with proven effectiveness and safety, Top-Medics private clinics in abroad are able to offer one of the best aesthetic medicine and more solutions. One of the increasingly popular one, is gastric surgery using modern gastric band.
Gastric surgery abroad

CAMSAT reliable transmitters

Experienced, qualified experts of CAMSAT company are always aiming at creating the most reliable, highest quality devices, which will ensure, that each CCTV system will be as effective as possible. Choose one of the wireless transmitters, receivers, antennas and other accessories prepared by the company.
Wireless transmitter

Designer dress for you

Exciting designs created for unique women, who search for the most amazing exclusive dresses online. Our collections are quite often inspired by the beauty of nature, with all of its originality and timeless lines. The style is simply exceptional - the kind which attracts the attention and lets you stand out everywhere you go.
Exclusive dresses online

Wieliczka and other nearby attractions

If you want to see the beauty of Poland, you need a place to stay, transport and a guide who will show you all the interesting places. You can get all these services at one company. Our Krakow fun activities and tours are designed to suit your needs. With us you can visit Ojcow National Park, see Black Madonna in Częstochowa or go to Sandomierz.
Krakow fun activities

Modern piping systems

Our company offers a set of durable elements suited for installation such as piping systems, which can be used in harsh industrial conditions. Our range of products include elements like a rubber expansion joint, installed in piping systems for protection. The element has flanges made from galvanized carbon steel.
Rubber expansion joint

Solutions designed for a proper air circulation

We offer innovative devices and solutions designed for a proper air circulation. Every ventilation system from our selection reliable and durable. We also offers flexible ducts, STRUT Assembly Sets, as well as tapes and nail designed for insulation. Check out also our single-compartment smoke extraction ducts.
Ventilation system

Metal components production

Thanks to our modern equipment, highly qualified engineers and many years of experience, we are leading transmission gear manufacturers. We can provide you with excellent shafts and discs, and premium quality powertrain components. Moreover, our services also include engineering support, for example solving driveline problems.
Transmission gear manufacturers

Fashionable wholesale stockings - Fiore

For every woman, no matter her age, figure or other characteristic features. Fiore has prepared an amazing offer of wholesale stockings, pantyhose and hosiery in general. Great designs let you find that amazing style which perfectly fits your own. Choose tights, socks and other lingerie products for that special occasion - or for the office or other everyday activities. Visit the website and browse latest catalog, check new arrivals or get discounts on one of the promotions. You can also sign up to their lingerie newsletter.
Tights wholesale

Law firm in Poland with a goal of achieving excellence and the highest clients’ satisfaction - Magnusson is here to help you. The offices of our experienced law firm are located not only in Poland, but also in other countries of the Baltic Sea Region, such as Russia, Germany, Sweden, Latvia and others!
Law firm Poland

Baby cots

We offer reasonably priced and one-of-a-kind baby cots, cradles chairs and mattresses that will not only suit your own taste but will also make your baby feel safe and comfortable. As a children furniture manufacturer we always make sure that all of our products meet the necessary European regulations regarding safety and durability.
Children furniture manufacturer

Lighting strips

We are not an average lighting shop. We provide our customers with the best products from the best producers. In our inline shop you can find lighting systems, lamps and accessories, such as a channel for LED strip. It is covered with aluminum and upgrades the aesthetics of the whole lighting system.
channel for led strip

Wind kits

Our company is one of the leaders in the region in the field of wind blades. We design and produce ready-made balsa and foam. Core Material Kitting is what we do best. You can expect us to perform several operations, such as milling, perforating and grooving in order to achieve the effect we aim for.
Core Material Kitting

Limited edition cars

When upgrading your vehicle, you'll need the highest grade equipment. Our studio provides the best car styling packages available on the market to ensure that every single customer gets exactly what they deserve. If you need proof of it's marvelous properties, check out our limited edition machines.
Car styling packages

Insulated warehouses

Thanks to our well-organised system of insulated warehouses, we are proud to offer our customers convenient self-storage services. The premises are constantly protected by CCTV to make sure that no unauthorised person has access to your belongings. We also offer forklift and handling equipment - all free of charge!
Self storage

Office Removals

Years of cooperation with diverse companies and corporations, allows the experts in office relocation to offer quality commercial removals in Ireland. All of your equipment, documentation, furniture and other cargo will be packed securely and transported safely to your new location, where the team will unpack it quickly. In case you need to postpone the move to another building for a few days, you can also choose storage services. To see the details of the offer, visit the company websites and contact their specialists.
Corporate Removals

Potrzebny jest Wam przewoźnik gwarantujący szybką, terminową wysyłkę paczek na trasie Irlandia Polska? Zapraszamy do kontaktu z naszymi kurierami, dzięki którym będziecie mogli wysyłać wybrane przedmioty do zagranicznych Klientów czy do rodziny, mieszkającej poza granicami naszego kraju. Zapewniamy atrakcyjne ceny!

Printing devices

Thanks to our company, you can take care of your printing house! Our folding and gluing machine is perfect for creating all types of leaflets, packaging and more. Because of our high-quality products, you can be sure that after purchasing our solutions your company will work more effectively. Check out our offer right now!
folding and gluing machine

Wire examination services

Professional component evaluation methods for industrial machinery. We provide advanced wire rope tester, which allows us to precisely assess the maintaining lifetime of metal cables, cranes, bridges, masts and coveyor belts. Our services also include visual assessment, as well as data verification.
advanced wire rope tester

Usługi obróbki CNC

Wykonujemy różnego rodzaju czynności w ramach obróbki CNC materiałów metalowych i innych. Cięcie plazmowa to jedna z usług, która znajduje się w naszej ofercie. Złóż zamówienie ofertowe, dostarczając nam wszystkie niezbędne informacje, a na pewno będziemy w stanie doskonale odpowiedzieć na Twoje potrzeby.
cięcie plazmowe

Headsets and disposables

Because the patients' comfort is our top priority, we offer more than sound systems. Here you will find an MRI hearing protection, which includes earphones and headphones. We have also thought about their safety and cleanliness - you can buy disposable plugs and covers in packages, all compatible with our devices.
MRI hearing protection

Beautiful furniture

This is the perfect solution if you have a small living room and would like to arrange it cleverly. Our corner sofas allow you to save a lot of space. It is an extremely beautiful, modern and comfortable piece of furniture that can be used for Sunday rest, afternoon nap or to have a friend overnight.
corner sofas