Floor expansion profiles and more

Visit Forbuild’s website to check their wide offer of accessories, systems and solutions for the most demanding construction experts. Amongst other products, they offer expansion joint systems, including Deflex floor, wall, ceiling, roof profiles, including industrial and water-resistant solutions. They are manufactured on the basis of the most advanced ideas and solutions for the construction sector. Check the website for more details, including sample uses, types of materials used, recommendations of installation and more.
Expansion joint

Top-Medics Poland

Through implementation of modern, innovative technological solutions and procedures with proven effectiveness and safety, Top-Medics private clinics in abroad are able to offer one of the best aesthetic medicine and more solutions. One of the increasingly popular one, is gastric surgery using modern gastric band.
Gastric surgery abroad

Sideboards from MEX online store

Contemporary style is increasingly popular not only in offices, but also in private homes. Furniture offered by MEX online shop is manufactured from solid materials and according to modern stylistic trends. On the website you can find for instance high gloss sideboards available in different sizes, versions and colours.
High gloss sideboard

Liturgical vestments in Roman, Gothic and Monastic styles

Richly ornamented, sewn from quality materials in all colors used throughout the liturgical year, the clergy clothing include chasubles for every occasion. Gothic, Monastic and Roman styles are appropriate for diverse holidays and events. There is also a possibility to order special ornaments for Catholic priests.
Clergy clothing

CAMSAT reliable transmitters

Experienced, qualified experts of CAMSAT company are always aiming at creating the most reliable, highest quality devices, which will ensure, that each CCTV system will be as effective as possible. Choose one of the wireless transmitters, receivers, antennas and other accessories prepared by the company.
Wireless transmitter

Folding bar for professionals

A wide selection of stable, reliable and very practical mobile bars for sale. Our construction is designed by professionals for professional bartenders around the world. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, lightweight (ease transportation) and offer all you need to do your job the best. Back, flair - choose your portable solution.
Mobile bars for sale

Medium voltage switchgear manufacturers - ZPUE

Metal or aluminium-clad containers and solutions developed to provide reliable, safe and efficient energy distribution in, e.g. urban areas, industrial facilities and other conditions. ZPUE has prepared a high performance, air or gas insulated MV switchgear, available in a wide variety of configuration options. As a result, you can get the exact equipment you need to ensure safe electricity distribution. The technical details are all presented on the manufacturers website. Visit it now and contact the experts to order your electrical equipment.
MV switchgear

Designer dress for you

Exciting designs created for unique women, who search for the most amazing exclusive dresses online. Our collections are quite often inspired by the beauty of nature, with all of its originality and timeless lines. The style is simply exceptional - the kind which attracts the attention and lets you stand out everywhere you go.
Exclusive dresses online

Dressta - construction equipment

Wheel loaders, pipelayers, crawl dozers and other solutions for professionals. Dressta is well-known brand of construction machines, characterised by amazing reliability, even in the most difficult external conditions. The equipment is used as well on landfills, quarries, for mining, material handling, in forestry and many more. The technological solutions employed guarantee the highest resistance to damage and intensive use. Range of available bulldozers includes smaller as well as the most powerful engines.
Construction machines

Wieliczka and other nearby attractions

If you want to see the beauty of Poland, you need a place to stay, transport and a guide who will show you all the interesting places. You can get all these services at one company. Our Krakow fun activities and tours are designed to suit your needs. With us you can visit Ojcow National Park, see Black Madonna in Częstochowa or go to Sandomierz.
Krakow fun activities

Modern piping systems

Our company offers a set of durable elements suited for installation such as piping systems, which can be used in harsh industrial conditions. Our range of products include elements like a rubber expansion joint, installed in piping systems for protection. The element has flanges made from galvanized carbon steel.
Rubber expansion joint

Visit one of the most beautiful Polish cities

If you love history, old, beautiful buildings and charming landscapes, then this city is a perfect option for you. And if you want to learn more about the former Polish capital and its legends, book one of our local tours in Cracow! We also offer trips to nearby important historical sites, like Wieliczka Salt Mine.
Cracow local tours

Solutions designed for a proper air circulation

We offer innovative devices and solutions designed for a proper air circulation. Every ventilation system from our selection reliable and durable. We also offers flexible ducts, STRUT Assembly Sets, as well as tapes and nail designed for insulation. Check out also our single-compartment smoke extraction ducts.
Ventilation system

With functional accessories

Thanks to the use of eddy currents, our non-ferrous metal separators can successfully identify and react to aluminium, brass, copper, zinc and more. This is why they are most commonly used during production of alternative fuels, municipal waste recycling, utilization of household appliances and more.
Non-ferrous metal separators

Why do we breed insects?

Sometimes it is hard to believe that most of the things we need, nature has already given to us. Our insect farm deals with innovative solutions breeding and processing black soldier flies. We produce HiPro food that can serve for a full and complete diet for birds, cats and dogs or fish. We offer also the wonderful organic fertilizer - HiProSoil.
insect farm

Metal components production

Thanks to our modern equipment, highly qualified engineers and many years of experience, we are leading transmission gear manufacturers. We can provide you with excellent shafts and discs, and premium quality powertrain components. Moreover, our services also include engineering support, for example solving driveline problems.
Transmission gear manufacturers

Fashionable wholesale stockings - Fiore

For every woman, no matter her age, figure or other characteristic features. Fiore has prepared an amazing offer of wholesale stockings, pantyhose and hosiery in general. Great designs let you find that amazing style which perfectly fits your own. Choose tights, socks and other lingerie products for that special occasion - or for the office or other everyday activities. Visit the website and browse latest catalog, check new arrivals or get discounts on one of the promotions. You can also sign up to their lingerie newsletter.
Tights wholesale

Law firm in Poland with a goal of achieving excellence and the highest clients’ satisfaction - Magnusson is here to help you. The offices of our experienced law firm are located not only in Poland, but also in other countries of the Baltic Sea Region, such as Russia, Germany, Sweden, Latvia and others!
Law firm Poland

Helping retailers in assuring their best standards

If you wish to make your customers’ experience the best, we can provide some help for you in retail maintenance across Europe. Not only do we conduct any inspections which are determined by law, but also we can repair your furniture or replace it when necessary. Focus on your business and let the professionals take care of the technical condition of your stores!
Retail maintenance across Europe

Industrial fillers

We take pride in our industrial solutions for liquids. Our state-of-the-art filling machine for water and beverages meets and exceeds global industry standards. The system works both in automatic and semi-automatic modes. The research and development teams at our factory work constantly on improving our production lines.
Filling machine

You need a time for yourself, when you can relax and take care of your nails, hair, skin, and face - you need to visit our beauty salon in Gdańsk. A team of hairdressers and beauticians will work on highlighting your natural beauty. What is more, fantastic atmosphere will let you regenerate strengths and simply feel better. After the cosmetic procedures you can also get a little bit of tan in our sunbeds. See the full offer on the website and book the time of your visit - and simply relax!
beauty salon

For industrial areas or perfect for residential needs; for people looking for simple and reliable solutions, as well as for those who are searching for modern and comfortable proposition - manual or electric sliding gates included in our company offer will surely be what you are looking for. We invite you!
Sliding gates

Bachelor's or master's degree in Kraków

Discover interesting facts and check the benefits of being a part of one of Poland's most prestigious higher-education facilities. Study at Jagiellonian University, the place from where famous alumni, such as John Paul II or Nicolaus Copernicus, emerged. Select one of the specialization available and enroll today.
Jagiellonian University

Natural powdered remedies

The natural remedies, that we provide on our website, come in a variety of forms. Some of our flowers and roots are milled, which, in the process, grants us herbal powders, a substance that can be dissolved in water, and, thus, added to your culinary creations or enhance your beverages to improve your health.
Herbal Powders

Schutz gegen Leckagen

Unsere Galvanisiertrommeln und Sicherheitswannen stellen wir aus Werkstoffen her, die einen optimalen Schutz gegen Leckagen und spezifische chemische Mittel gewährleisten. Die von uns angebotenen Prozessbehälter sind in zahlreichen Ausführungen erhältlich, darüber hinaus bieten wir umfassendes Zubehör und hochwertige zusätzliche Ausrüstung an.

Baby cots

We offer reasonably priced and one-of-a-kind baby cots, cradles chairs and mattresses that will not only suit your own taste but will also make your baby feel safe and comfortable. As a children furniture manufacturer we always make sure that all of our products meet the necessary European regulations regarding safety and durability.
Children furniture manufacturer